Through architecture Man reveals his need for harmony, his strive towards beauty, and his wish to express his personality. The buildings represent the spirit of the age, reveal national peculiarities, the level of culture and progress. From their creation they are part of the natural environment surrounding them, at first as a necessity that gradually becomes a conscious strive to belong—after all, architecture gives us information about the society.



The place we live in, our home, is not just our shelter, it is something just as big and even bigger than a man taken in his spiritual and physical entriety. The objects that surround us are not something that we just use(thus rationalizing our actions), their purpose is to make us happy, to give us aesthetic delight. Interior design cannot and should not be viewed outside the architectural context even in the cases when it is a pure artistic construct.



Design is to be perceived as a phenomenon that produces something dynamic, energetic, but also transitive, mobile, discontinuous, that is, it is a complementing architecture. It is the last link in the chain of materializing the spatial harmony. Every object no matter what its function is, turns into a concrete architectural shape because it is brought into a sensory-objective environment and is realized as an element of that environment.